Assignment: Resilience Reflection
Please complete the following steps:
1) Think of ways in which you observed resilience in patients in your current or past place of work, OR your chosen population or your community organization/partner. What keeps them motivated and engaged in their life, work, family, and possibly their own community? What factors and behaviours are essential forthem to become more ”connected” to the environmentand your communityin order to move toward sustaining their health and/or functioning?
2) Have they disconnected themselves from their authentic self, nature, or environment? If so, in what way? In what ways can your population of choice re-establish that connection?
3)What does “quality of life” really mean to your group/population of choice? Would a sustainable lifestyle affect their quality of life? How so? What do your population of choice have in their life that they could give up, without jeopardizing their quality of life?
4) What, in your opinion, is the biggest obstacle in the way of a move toward sustainability (this could be physical, social, spiritual, or intellectual functioning) for your population of choice? And how may those individuals overcome that obstacle?

– Assignment must address questions and must not exceed 1000 words.
– Assignment is to be typed, double-spaced and should not exceed the page limit set.
– The submission should have a title page that includes your registered name, student number, course name and number, assignment name, and due date.
– The assignments are expected to be in APA format and may include a reference list if applicable.

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