(You may modify and adapt this introduction to suit your purposes.)
Mike Nichol?s Working Girl recalls Grimm?s classic ?Cinderella? and reveals a modern
society with sharp class divisions, not unlike its antecedent folk tale. It provides an unwitting time capsule of the 1980s: all of its characters are influenced by the inequitable
distribution of wealth Though Tess McGill and Jack Trainer?s love-at-first-sight romance is standard fare in romantic comedy, its characters? actions are best explained by examining the class structure presented in Nichols’ Reagan-era in film [Place thesis statement here. Decide whether the film is a positive example (advocating for a fair
redistribution of wealth and power) or negative example (supporting the ideology that the status quo is fair and immutable) and explain why].
QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU DEVISE A THESIS STATEMENT (The answer to one or a couple of these questions will provide you with a workable thesis statement and things to
discuss in the essay.)
• What does the setting tell you about the distribution of power and wealth?
• Is there evidence of conspicuous consumption?

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