Guide to Writing a Book Review
* Short précis: What is the book about? With what events or actors or key concepts does it deal? Do not merely summarize content. Be sure to keep the précis short.
* What sources does the author use? Personal experience, interviews, documents?
* What is the main thesis? Secondary theses? What key questions does the author ask? Does he/she offer any answers? If so, are these contrived, insightful, informative, doctrinaire, agnostic?
* What evidence is provided? Does it support the book’s arguments? If the book is arguing a point of view (not all do so), is it persuasive?
* Provide a critical assessment of strengths and weaknesses. This may include writing style, quality or paucity of evidence, narrowness or breath, accessibility to general reader or specialized audience. Or anything else you care to point out.
* What contribution does the book make to our knowledge and understanding of war, if any? What did you want it to ask or answer, which it did not? Was reading it worthwhile?
As noted in the outline and Tips sheet, you must keep an electronic copy for possible review by anti-plagiarism software. About 25% of papers will be randomly selected for checking You do NOT have to submit the e-copy with your paper. Do so only if you are asked for it.

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