A revision of my data analysis paper. The professor’s comments are included in the PDF copy of my first submission. I have also attached the Word document format of the first submission and the excel spreadsheet with the standards and data. . Below are the directions copied from the assignment.
In your analysis, you must include the following:

Descriptive Statistics: Using a tool such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, calculate the descriptive statistics of the data set. This analysis can be done on questions and overall scores. You must analyze at least five questions in addition to an overall statistical analysis. Include your calculations and a one-sentence description of what each statistic means for the following:
Standard deviation
Shape of the distribution
Interquartile range
Statistical Analysis: Provide a thorough analysis that details what the descriptive statistics mean. Consider the following questions:
How do the descriptive statistics help provide context to the data?
What information can be gleaned from the descriptive statistics?
Trends and Observations: Consider the overall trends and observations based on your data analysis. Include the following:
Areas of Success: According to the data, the students were most successful in which areas? How do you know?
Areas of Improvement: According to the data, the students were least successful in which areas? How do you know? Based on the data, were there any specific topics in which all of the students struggled?
Correlation and Causation: As you examine the data, compare the standards being evaluated. Based on the interaction of these standards and your expert knowledge of the content, briefly discuss how the standards are related to one another. Answer the following questions:
How might the success or failure in one standard cause or correlate to the success or failure in another standard?
What implication will this later have on remediation?
Group: Identify the various groups present, and provide a thorough analysis of the trends and observations you make from the data. Identify each type of classification (gender, ethnicity, SPED/ELL, etc.). Groups should also include students who answered the same questions incorrectly, students who were particularly successful, and so on. For at least three of the groups, answer the following question:
What conclusions about the group can you draw from the data?
Data Reliability: Conclude your analysis with a brief discussion about data reliability. As you discuss this, keep in mind the original context of the data set presented to you. Answer the following questions:
What factors should be implemented to make data collection as valid and reliable as possible?
What factors might make data, such as this assessment, less reliable?
How do you determine when sources of student data are appropriate and relevant?

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