Instructions: Read the questions carefully and answer. Whatever point or answer you give justify it by explanation(s). You can do a research but do not copy and paste. Also, make sure you attend to  both questions 1 and 2 and the sub-questions embedded  in them ( questions 1 and 2). Please take it seriously, the questions worth 30 points. If you write better, you will make extra points. Make sure you write your references and in APA style.

  1. Do  you think that the current trend of Police image is improving or worsening?
  2. If worsening, what are the three areas that need improvement? (Support your points with scholarly explanation(s).


If improving, what are the three areas Police image has improved? (Support your points with scholarly explanation(s).

  1. How should law enforcement be dealing with individuals who have mental health issues?
  2. What improvement can be made from practices that are currently in use in Police dealing with individuals with mental health issues?
  3. What are the two challenges the officer experience in this area (in dealing with individual with mental health issues)?
  1. 2. a.  Should having a criminal record make someone ineligible for a career as Police Officer? (Justify your answers with scholarly explanation).
  2. What do you think about the argument that an officer with a previous criminal past will better understand and relate to the public in which they are trying to serve and rid of criminals?
  3. What advantages are there to hiring someone with a criminal record?
  4. What disadvantages are there to hiring someone with a criminal record?

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