Chapters 1-7 Quiz

  1. Did you complete the reading assignment?
  2. Write a 15-sentence maximum summary of the chapters. Remember that a summary should include multiple major events. Don’t just write about 1 event.  Try to structure your summary around main ideas and details or themes and examples – don’t just list the events.  Use transition words and vary your sentence structure.
  3. At this point in the story, how do you feel about Amir? Baba? 2 other characters?

Write how you feel about them (opinion) and explain why you feel that way (use events from the book as evidence – I don’t need actual quotes though).

  1. Choose 2 quotes that “stuck out” to you for any reason. Write the quote. Give me some context/background.  Explain the quote.  Explain why this quote “stuck out” to you. (write 3-4 sentences about each quote)
  2. Connections: text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world. While you read, did you make connections from the text to you, to other texts you have read, or to events in the world?  Give me 2 examples from the text that you made a connection with.  Explain the connection.
  3. What is Baba afraid that Amir will grow up to become? Is this fair?  Is it rational?  How does it make you feel about Baba?  How do you feel about Rahim Khan and his response to Baba?  (Don’t forget to write about all topics)
  4. During the terrible scene that ends chapter 7, the author draws parallels between Hassan and the sacrificial lamb. Amir describes Hassan’s eyes as looking like that of a lamb headed to be slaughtered in sacrifice.  Why does the author draw this parallel?  What is the author trying to say?  Amir is sacrificing Hassan… but for what?  Why?
  5. At the very beginning of the book, there is foreshadowing of a later conversation about redemption. We now know some (but not all) of what Amir needs redemption for.  Make a prediction.  Will Amir find redemption?  How will he find it or not find it?  Does he deserve to find it?
  6. Explore 2 themes of the novel. Some ideas are 1) betrayal, redemption, forgiveness; 2) the powerful against the powerless; 3) father-son relationships; growing up/becoming a man; 4) the intersection of political forces and private lives; 5) love; 6) the immigrant experience 7)evil vs good and how we distinguish between them 8)judge by intentions or actions …. You do not have to limit yourself to this list.

Write 7-10 sentences and at least 1 quote about each theme.  No guidelines for what to write.  Just write about it.   We will follow the themes/topics throughout the novel.

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