You have been asked to take over the creation of a customer database for the Lynn Ice Hockey team. The previous team dropped the ball, so you must take over and fix the mistakes. To properly lay this out, you will split the project into four phases; System Design, Programming, Testing, Integration. To implement a measure of security, each team will have a code name; Able, Bake, Charlie, Delta. The parameters of the project are as follows:

The tasks, team, percentage of completion, and duration are all you need to input. The Start date has been calculated for you as the date of the project start. The end date is calculated for you as the task start date plus duration.

System Design      
Assign ID Numbers Able 50% 3
Gather Data Able 60% 2
Develop Structure Able 50% 4
Normalize Design Able 25% 5
Finalize Design Able   2
Partition Disk Space Baker 0% 1
Program Database Baker 0% 10
Secure Database Baker   3
Implement Structure Baker   5
Create Forms Baker   3
Input Test Data Charlie   5
Penetration Testing Charlie   1
Input Real Data Charlie   15
Verify Data Charlie   3
Secure Data Charlie   1
Integrate Database Delta   1
Integrate Data Structure Delta   2
Alpha Test Delta   3
Beta Test Delta   3
Train data entry specialists Delta   15



  1. What is the absolute earliest you can complete this project using the traditional waterfall technique? That is, each task must be completed before the next one can begin.
  2. What is the duration for each of the phases of the project?
  3. What is the total duration if we use the waterfall technique?
  4. Are there tasks that can be completed while others are in progress? If so, which ones?
  5. This project must be completed by 12/24 because we don’t want to work on Christmas. How many days can we take off for Thanksgiving and still get the project competed on time?

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