Serials Searching


Use the Serials Directory database, available through SAIT Library’s databases, to answer the following questions. To access this database, go to the SAIT Library (online) at

Under Databases by SUBJECT:

  • Select Library Science and Education (database)
  • Scroll to and click on Serials Directory


  1. What is the content of the Packer Report?
  2. What is the former title for the Green Bay Press-Gazette?
  3. How much is World Health Statistics Annual?
  4. How many periodicals are on biographies in the political science area?
  5. Who is the publisher for British Politics?
  6. Address for the publisher Maruzen?
  7. Where can I get a subscription to 4×4 Magazine International?
  8. How many annuals are published in German about botany?
  9. How many serials are published in Croatia?
  10. What is the title for ISSN 1032-6634?
  11. What is the Dewey number for VOYA? The LCC number?
  12. What is the frequency of International Studies in the Philosophy of Science?
  13. Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science is what type of publication?
  14. How many titles are peer reviewed and published in Canada?
  15. What is the circulation for Acquisitions Librarian?
  16. Where is Philosophy of Science indexed? Who is the editor?


Marking criteria

  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure.
  • Content is presented clearly and is organized.


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