The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the play SWEAT by Lynn Nottage from the Set Designer’s point of view, and write a 2-3 page essay based on the essay format.

Analyzing the Play
What is this play about? Describe the major themes and the human change in a few sentences.
Is the play realistic, or nonrealistic, or somewhere in between? (Remember to evaluate the 5 aspects of realism: plot, characters, language, environment and style).
What is the location (city/state) and time period of the play? What type of research would you look for to inspire the design?
How many different locations does this play require? Describe them.

The World of the Play
What type of world is it? Find at least 3 of your own descriptive words. (Example:  friendly, welcoming, harsh, fluffy, fragile, rough, etc.)
What type of people live in this world?
How would these descriptions influence the design? Would it affect the colors, textures, etc.?
How important is the environment to the story-telling? Why?

What Choices would you make?
What type of theatre space would you prefer to use? Why?
If you could only fully realize one of the sets, due to space and/or budget, which one  would you choose, and why?
How would you propose changing the scenery? Depending on the space available, would some locations roll in or fly out? If so, please describe which one(s), and how you would attempt to change the scenery.
Are there any big changes required for the main set? If so, how would you facilitate the transformation, considering the scenes that come before it?

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