The essay must be written on two sites from the list in the given pdf. i have chosen 1. Northwest Rebellion Monument(Queens park) and 2. The Monument to Italian Immigrants (St Clair Ave W, west of Lansdowne).
If you want to choose two other sites, you can look at the pdf and decide.
The essay must cover these points:
1. The significance of the site’s/memorial’s location. Why do you think it is located where it is?
2. What is the message that comes across from the memorial’s design/appearance/form and inscription (if any)?
3. What is known about those who planned, designed, and paid for this specific memorial? The inscription may reveal this. Would you say that the process was a “top-down” (driven by the state or “elite” groups) one or a “bottom-up” (community-centred) one? Why?
4. What larger theme or themes does this memorial and its particular message speak to? Examples here could be (histories of) colonialism, imperialism, nationalism, religion, race, gender, ethnicity, class/labour, and so on.
5. Does the memorial have a particular audience or “target group” to whom it is intended to have significance? What sorts of emotions might it elicit amongst this group and why? Would the site elicit demonstrably different emotions from another group or groups – if so, why?

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