The state-and-defend is a 1½- to 2-page essay. You must write one short paragraph clearly stating what your answer to the question is, spend several paragraphs giving two or three reasons for your answer and explaining how they support it, and then a few paragraphs responding to one or two potential objections, and conclude with a final summary paragraph there are 3 questions for the state-and-defend. Answer them all in the same format asked above.

1. What was the attitude of Christian theology towards science (“natural philosophy”) prior to the scientific revolution?

2. What is the difference between Lamarckian evolution and Darwinian evolution? How does teleology play into it? Do they pose a problem for the claim that God created the various forms of life?

3. What is the myth of mortification? Give some alleged examples of it and show how they do or do not mortify humanity.

an example is provided in the documents attached, as well as possible sources for material. use any source needed, not necessarily the ones provided. no need to cite within text, just post used sources at the end of each question.

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