What is supply chain, and how is it structured?

What is the purpose of a supply chain?

What is the relationship between material flow and information flow?

How do products win orders in the marketplace?

How does logistics contribute to competitive advantage?


What are the marketing implications for logistics strategy?

What is segmentation, and what are its implications to logistics strategy?

How do customer expectations affect logistics service?

How does satisfaction stack up with customer loyalty?

How can we set logistics priorities?

How do such priorities relate to customer segments?


How can shareholder value be defined?

What is economic value added, and how does it help in this definition?

What are the various ways of cutting up the total cost ‘cake’?

What are the relative merits of each?

What are the shortcomings of traditional cost accounting from a logistics point of view?

How can costs be allocated to processes so that better decisions can be made?

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