There are two parts to this Discussion. Address both parts in one discussion post.

Part A: What is your experience with Excel? Have you used it before? Do you use it at work or at home? Have you used it to do statistical analyses? If you are proficient with Excel, make sure to provide help to anyone who is having difficulty with the program.

Part B: View this video ( to learn how to generate a random data set in Excel. Then using the Unit 1 Discussion Excel workbook, generate your random data set. The data set you create will represent the IQs of a sample of 30 people.

Using the data set that you generated in Excel and the Data Analysis Toolpak (see video on adding the Toolpak in the Live Binder), calculate the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, range, minimum, and maximum. Then answer the following questions:

Insert your descriptive statistics output from Excel within your response (see How to Use A Snipping Tool video in the Live Binder).
What do the following measures of center tell us about the IQs in the data set (be specific and include the values in your discussion – up to 3 decimal places): (i) mean (ii) median (iii) mode?
Does the mean appear to be similar or different from the median? Why do you think that is so?
What is the standard deviation (give the actual value – up to 3 decimal places), and what does it tell us about the IQs in the data set?
How might the information in this data set be useful?
Please create personalized and substantive responses to at least two other student main posts. In your responses, suggestions include the following: What similarities and/or differences do you notice in your sample results and your classmate’s results? Do you think both of your samples most likely came from the same population or different populations, and why?

Remember that your goal for Discussion Assignments is to ensure:

Responses are on topic, original, and contribute to the quality of the Discussion.
Responses make frequent, informed references to unit material.
Responses are clearly written.
A minimum of two or more responses per thread to classmates that are thoughtful and advance the Discussion are required.
Be sure your post is grammatically correct, has been spell checked, and fully answers the question. Be sure to comment on and respond substantively to your classmates’ postings throughout the week (minimum of 2 peer replies).

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