The are about 6 questions need to be answer after reading Essential U.S. Health Care System book Chapter 4 and 5 and the chapters attached. when you answer the questions, make sure to cite from the chapters. Here are Instructions how they need to be answer Health care system
All questions are answered completely; resources and readings to support ideas are cited. NO spelling errors/thoughts and sentences are complete, clear and concise. Cites resources where necessary to backup theory from the book.
Answer the following key point questions. Your answer should be 200-300 words.
1. What are the two major objectives of Chapter 4?
2. What measures have been or can be employed to overcome problems related to physician maldistribution and imbalance?
3. What impact has technology made on access to medical care?
4. What is meant by technology diffusion?
o What type of medical devices are classified as Class III?
o What type of approval do they require from the FDA?

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