Full article citation at the top of the Essay. Most of Anthropology uses a variation of the Chicago Manual of Style. Please format your citation like this:

Barlow, Dan. (2002). Diagnoses, dimensions, and DSM-IV: The science of classification. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 100(3).

1. What is the general topic the authors studied?
2. What specific research question did the authors address?
3. What methods did the authors use to gather data?
4. We discussed in class that most anthropology is a social science but occasionally work is strongly scientific or strongly humanistic. What approach did the authors use? Explain what about the article indicates this.
5. What (if any) ethical concerns did the authors encounter either while working or as a result of the study? How did the authors address them? Did they make a conflict of interest statement or acknowledge who funded their research?
If the author does none of the above, please clearly state this in your essay.
6. Does the article present an etic perspective, an emic perspective, or perhaps both? Explain your answer.
7. If you were the authors, what research question will you address in your next article?

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