ASSIGNMENT: Reading and Responding to Nonfiction
“The Optimal Time to Dunk an Oreo, According to Science” by Lucas Reilly
Part A: Active Reading
Consider these active reading strategies before, during, and after you read the essay. Jot down some initial ideas. Use point form.
Question: What will this be about?
Predict: What do I expect to find in this nonfiction reading?
Process: What is the author’s purpose? How is this essay developed?
Connect: Can I connect to the idea of dunking Oreos?
Part B: Responding to Nonfiction
Answer the following questions in complete sentences.
1. What is the author’s purpose for writing “The Optimal Time to Dunk an Oreo, According to Science”?
2. Who is the intended audience?
3. What nonfiction text features does Reilly use to communicate his main idea and make the information more accessible to the reader?
4. What persuasive elements does Reilly use to communicate his main idea?
5. How do these features/elements help the reader?
6. What is the author’s attitude (tone) to the subject material? Provide evidence from the essay.
7. What is the writer’s motivation? Is Reilly trying to persuade the reader to form an opinion? Explain.

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