Answer the following 8 questions using only the files uploaded.

Reform or Transformation
1. What does the “food movement” want to achieve and what are some of the challenges it is facing?
2. What is the “corporate food regime”, and why do the authors believe that it is relevant to social inequality?
3. What are some strategies food justice advocates propose?

Resistance and Social Change

4. Who are possible agents for social change that will deal with inequality in American society? Briefly describe.
5. What strategies does Ore propose?
6. What types of barriers to positive social change need to be addressed regarding inequality, according to the author?
7. Ore mentions several motivations people have for seeking social change. Which of those is most important to you? Where should we begin when hoping to address inequality?
8. What are the barriers to change regarding matters of inequality? Most people acknowledge that there is inequality in American society today and that it is affecting people in a negative way. So, why do you believe is there resistance to social change?

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