Instruct-(AC-8)-APP-Interviewing-Part 3 Reflection

Write in APA format, 12 font size, Times Roman

  • Pretend you are interviewing a candidate for a job at your company.

Here are sample questions that you would ask. You do not need to answer them for this paper.

  1. Explain what makes you, you? Tell me about yourself.
  2. Explain why did you want to interview with our company?
  3. What skill sets do you have that would make you the strongest candidate for the job?
  4. Describe a difficult situation, and how you handled it?
  5. Everyone learns in a different way. Tell me what type of learning is best for you?
  6. Explain why you made the decision to leave your current job?
  7. Explain some techniques that you use to handle stress?
  8. What was the last mistake you made and what steps do you take as not to make the same mistake again?


  • Explain whether the questions were interpreted by the interviewee as you intended them to be interpreted, based on the interviewee’s responses.
  • Explain any revisions you would make to the interviewing questions to make them clearer and more effective. If no revisions are necessary, explain why.
  • Reflect on your interview and how you could improve. Consider the following regarding emotional intelligence (EI):
    • What did you do well?
    • What could be improved?
    • How could you improve your Emotional Intelligence?

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