–What was the Treaty of Tordisillas and what does this have to do with the Pope? How did this impact Spain’s control on the New World? What does this have to do with Brazil and it’s language? How did this Treaty impact England and France?

–Compare the Indian uprising in Virginia in 1622 to uprising in Georgia and New England.

— Discuss the Lancashire Witches in England and the Salem Witch problem in America. Why were the people so terrified of witches and what did they do to witches once they were found “guilty”?

–Discuss Bacon’s Rebellion in 1675 and what does this have to do with the American Revolution?

–Explain the causes and the results of the Glorious Revolution in England and America.

–What was the purpose of Parliament and the King creating the Sugar, Stamp, Iron and Quartering Acts? How does this financially impact the results of the French and Indian War?

–Just prior to the American Revolution, British authorities seized John Hancock’s ship, the Liberty. Why did the British do this and how did this impact the New England states?

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