A “white paper” is an informational document written to promote or highlight a topic of interest. These may be considered “marketing papers” since they are used to persuade or entice public opinion. These are not “brochures” but are fact-based, well researched documents which use words, numbers, graphs to persuade the reader.

The paper will be written in APA format and must be between 9 and 11 pages of text plus references and citations and visuals such as graphs and charts to illustrate your points.

My topic is based on ” Universal Health Care for all Americans”
the directions below will help you understand how the paper should flow.
Who am I writing for?

Your target audience is an elected official who is about to make a decision regarding a policy issue that is important to you. You can assume a certain level of governmental knowledge, but it is your job to fully brief the official so that they can make a well-informed choice.



A one paragraph description of the policy issue and a summary of your recommendation.

Why is this so important? What should be done about it?

Current Situation

The development of this policy issue, within a historical, political and factual framework.

Describe the issue in detail and then give the reader some background. How long have people been working on this? Who is involved in this issue? What has been tried already? What is currently being done about it?

Proposed changes

An outline of the policy options which are being discussed.

What actions are being discussed (or enacted) to address this problem? Lay the options out, one by one, with a brief, un-biased description.

Effect of proposed changes

An outline of the policy options which are being discussed.

How will each of the options change things? Will they work? Why or why not? Use studies and statistics (the best available factual information) to back up your case.

Political Implications

A discussion of groups or individuals who are in support or in opposition.

Who loves it? Who hates it? Why do they take these positions? Is there a compromise that might make everyone content? What will happen to the politician(s) you are trying to influence if they choose one side or the other? Who will they befriend? Who will they antagonize?

Fiscal Impact;

A presentation of the potential costs and/or revenues which are associated with the policy issue.

How much will this cost? Where will it come from? Who will paying for it or lose budget as a result of it? What kind of secondary consequences are there for doing or NOT doing a particular option?

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