1. Identify two conflicts you have experienced, and record the details of each using the guide that follows. The more recent the conflict, the more valuable this assignment will be. If possible, they should be conflicts with people who are important to you—in other words, involve relationships that matter.
  2. Use the specific format which follows for the paper that you are required to submit.You must include these details in your submission.

    Conflict Details
    For each conflict, describe:

    • who it was with
    • what it was about
    • when it occurred
    • any other relevant factors

How You Managed It

  • what you said
  • how you said it
  • how you acted
  • explain how this demonstrates your conflict management style

The Outcome

  • how you felt
  • how the others involved felt
  • Ask yourself: “Am I happy with the outcome of this conflict?”
  1. Once you have done this for each of the two conflicts, prepare and submit a formal paper describing and exploring what you have learned about your conflict management style. Use headings to make sure you cover the following points.

    Introductory paragraph (no heading)

    • General overview of what you discovered

What is your conflict management style?

  • What is your primary style, and what is your back up style?
  • How do you know? Use your chart to provide an explanation of this.
  • Describe your feelings about your handling of this conflict
  • Are you happy with how you handle conflict?
  • After conflicts, do you feel worse or better?

Effect on Relationships

  • Did these conflicts make your relationships stronger or weaker?
  • Patterns of conflict management
  • Patterns of emotion
  • Patterns of communication
  • Patterns of behaviour


  • What would you like to change about your conflict management style?
  • What would you keep?
  • First steps to making changes


  • Summarize your findings. What did you learn from this assignment?

The paper should be a minimum of (two) 2 pages in length, double spaced and typed; however, it is fine if you exceed two (2) pages. A cover page must be included in the required APA format (see Course Resources).

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