1.What is the Sample Regression Equation ? (Answer this question based on YOUR Excel Summary Output).

  1. Which of the Independent variables are significant? Why?  Explain.  Use α = 0.05 in ALL questions. Use only the p-value to explain your answers (No need to go to t tables).
  2. Test the overall significance of the model by conducting an F test (P-value or significance of F). What does the significance of F (or lack there off) imply?
  3. Comment on the Goodness of the Fit (Hint, you look, not at r square like in simple regression, rather, you look at the adjusted r-square).
  4. Comment on the Normality assumption for the residuals for this model. In other word, has the normality assumption been satisfied?  Explain your answer (Hint: you need to run Excel’s Histogram feature for Column of the Residuals. I need to see your Histogram in your Excel file and in here).
  5. Has the assumption of Constant variance (Homoscedasticity) been met?


  1. Has the assumption of the Independence of Variables been met? In other words, do we, or do we not have the problem of multicollinearity? Explain.
  2. Do you see any Indication of Autocorrelation? Using Excel Formula commands, calculate the value of the Durbin-Watson test statistics in Excel, using the formula from your Formula Sheet or look below:

Durbin-Watson Test Statistics (Also:  Use the chart for Durbin Watson test provided in the Formula Sheet, or below). For Durbin-Watson TABLE, you can use your textbook or the Internet.

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