Second Essay/ Writing Assignment – Instruction


MGT Leadership Writing Assignment 

Please think of your favorite leader (or, if you do not have a favorite leader, any leader or a comic figure, etc.) and answer all of the following questions. Try not to exceed a total of three to four pages for your responses (that is, approximately one page answer per question). Use your own words to answer the question and summarize your answer in a writing assignment (Times New Roman 12, double spaced).

Please familiarize yourself with the submission process prior to the assignment due date.  Late submissions will not be accepted. This is an individual assignment and you should not complete this assignment in teams. Grades will be based 70% on correct application of theory and 30% on grammar and writing.

Please proofread your responses to ALL questions carefully. If sentences are not clear they will not be evaluated.

  1. What traits does the leader possess that you think make this leader effective?  How would you describe this leaders’ personality? 
  2. Which behavior (leadership styles) does the leader demonstrate?
  3. Which of the ‘newer’ leadership (e.g., LMX, transformational leadership, etc.) approaches apply?

The same rules regarding file formatting (only WORD and PDF files are accepted, file formats other than that are not considered for grading) timeliness of submission (zero tolerance for late submissions, and that includes no ‘updating’ for incomplete assignments after the due date has passed), document formatting (double spaced, no more than three pages plus introduction/references, use of headlines and similar for structure, etc.) and of course, individuality or plagiarism (zero tolerance).


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