In the New York Times op-ed piece by Charlie Warzel entitled Open States, Lots of Guns. America is Paying a Heavy Price for Freedom (May 5, 2020), why does Warzel say that there are similarities between those who want to return to normal during the COVID-19 crisis and those who want to prevent any kind of governmental control on gun ownership? Do you think most informed Americans would agree with Warzel that the root cause of both of these movements is an overly simplistic view of the importance of freedom? Provide examples from any of your reading, your conversations with other Americans or your experience to support your evaluation of the author’s assertion.

Instructions for Final

1. Locate and Report Idea in text that the prompt calls for
2. Evaluate above idea (or related idea) and provide support for your opinion

Report idea from 1

I) Evaluate idea from 2 with support from ANOTHER INFORMED AMERICAN (not yourself)
ii) Lather, Rinse, Repeat

The paper should be about 700 words long. It is designed to have you do it in one 2 hour-long sitting. Aim for these conditions when you do the final.

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