From the Personal to the Political
You will write a 3-5 page essay double spaced drawing from a personal experience (if you wish) that can be connected to an issue of importance either politically, socially, or humanitarian significance of your chosen topic as long as there is a significant connection to American Politics. Consider some of the issues that we have or will discuss in your class from the text. It is important that your ideas and personal opinions reconnect to an issue of broader importance. We have been doing this type of thinking in class so you will have lots of practice. In simple terms, we call this the “so what” factor in your argument. The point of this paper is that this is your chance to express your voice and develop an argument using critical thinking, and you can be as creative as you wish. You can use personal narratives, photos, graphs etc. to help support your argument. This is your chance to explore your creative voice and then articulate it into a well-crafted argument.
You should create a personalized title for your paper that you think relates to your topic, and engages a perspective reader.
Works Cited and Research:
Also, please specify a specific format that you are using in your paper. You can also use footnotes or endnotes depending on format. This is more of a thought paper, and it does not require substantial research. However, you do need to use examples to support your argument. You can use specific current events, historical events, or specific references to strengthen your argument. The important aspect to consider during the writing process is that you clearly state your position and then show how you will support your argument.

Topic: 1. Will the internet have a positive or negative impact on how we process political information and form opinions about politics? Why?

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