Details of task: Using any of the set screening films or those in the optional screening list posted on Moodle, write a comparative analysis between a feature documentary and the fictional feature film of the same event (eg. Milk, Battle of Sexes, Man on Wire/The walk etc.). The analysis may choose to focus on one specific element in each film or it can survey a range of differentials. It may be helpful to compare, contrast, analyze and discuss any or some of the following aspects: differences in story and plot structures, inclusion and omission of character, characterization, aesthetic conventions, tone, mood, sound, music, language or the ethics of adaptation.

The essay should also include in its analysis some reference to production budgets, target audiences, distribution strategies or exhibition histories to suggest how the different films might respond to industrial factors of production and exhibition.

Although this is an academic piece of writing, you are also asked to include a reflective element to the analysis. You are therefore required to include at least one paragraph of reflection. This should explain how the strategies or conventions employed by the films you are comparing have influenced the development of your own documentary treatment and/or fiction screenplay.

You should include at least one reference to either the readings or other external academic literature in the essay and reference these, and the films themselves,in MLA style.

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