Write an academic report that demonstrates your understanding of different areas relating to drama.
Base your report on the one-act-play, “Permission to Cry” by David Campton. A copy of the script for this play is located in Assessor Downloads below.
Read the script a number of times to enable you to identify the key areas that you will need to write about in your report.
Watch the following video; this is one interpretation of this play, but may help you to gain a deeper understanding of the characters, performance and possible staging.

Your report will need to be divided into the following sections.
In order to demonstrate that you understand how an author creates a character, you need to analyse
the ways in which characters
• are defined by their language.
• are defined by their interactions with others.
• are defined by their actions and motivations.
Remember to refer to the different characters within the play provided. You should also refer to the
author’s notes that you will find on page 3 of the pdf.
In this section, you need to evaluate the effectiveness of a play’s division into acts and scenes. As the
play provided is a one-act-play, you should consider the benefits and limitations of the play not being
divided into scenes and acts. You should also suggest alternative formats for this play within your
The video clip of the provided play could be considered as being divided into scenes due to the way
that the production has been filmed. You should consider whether this could be effective within a
real-time, theatre performance.
Analyze the progress of plot with reference to appropriate concepts, for example,expectation, surprise, dramatic irony, climax and resolution.
This sections requires you to:
• Evaluate the relationship between language and dramatic action.
• Analyze the use of language to create mood and atmosphere.
Within this section, you need to analyse the issues involved in transferring a play from page to stage.
You must evaluate the potential of scenery, staging, lighting and costume.
You will also need to appraise the use of acting techniques including phrasing, timing and presence.
The video link provided will help you with this.
When writing this section, you must ensure that you give suggestions of alternative ways that
“Permission to Cry” could be staged. For example, having watched the video link provided how might
you do things differently and why? In Assessor Downloads you will find some production notes about
a different interpretation of the play that will provide you with alternative ideas for taking the play from
page to stage.
The report should be written using the recommended structure and format for an academic report as
outlined in the unit 3 (Academic Writing Skills) study materials.
Conclusions and recommendations must stem from your findings.
Relevant theory must be referenced where appropriate and you must provide a references list and
The report should be a maximum of 4,000 words in length.
This word limit is the absolute maximum you are permitted. If you are over the word limit for this
assignment in any way you will receive your assignment back without further comment or feedback.

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