Directions: Write an argument essay in which you argue your position on an issue/debate/or current event. Remember, your essay must contain a thesis that makes an argument: What is the issue/debate/or current event, what is your opinion about it and why? What policy/law/procedure should be created/changed/eliminated/or better enforced and why? To support your thesis, you will use examples and details and four reliable sources: one primary, two scholarly (at least one of which must be from an academic journal), and one reliable source of the writer’s choosing. The primary source may include an article from a newspaper in the database or a reliable website. See Argument essay notes, which explain how to use and find sources and contain all passwords needed to access the research databases from off campus. Your essay must be written for an academic audience. Refrain from using first and second person (examples: I, we, us, our, me, my, you or your), idioms, contractions, slang, conversational tone, etc. You must use proper MLA formatting and citation, including a works cited page. Essays must be typed in a 12pt normal font such as Times New Roman and be double-spaced. Your essay should be about 5 pages (before the works cited) or 1,250 words.

You may choose any topic to write on, as long as you can write on the topic using the argumentative mode. You will need to conduct research in order to support your thesis. Sources should be used to support your argument. Do not use the exact same arguments that your source used, as this is plagiarism. Whether quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing from a source, you must use proper in-text citation.  

Grading: This assignment is worth 25% of your total grade. You will be graded holistically on the following (please see your syllabus for what constitutes an “A,” “B,” “C,” etc.):

Content: Your ability to make an argument and adequately support it.

Organization: Your ability to craft a well-organized academic essay using topic sentences and transitions.

Audience Awareness: Your ability to write for an academic audience.

Proper use of MLA format: Your ability to find and properly incorporate and cite two scholarly sources, follow formatting directions, and formulate a works cited page.

Grammar and Mechanics: Your ability to craft grammatically correct sentences and edit your paper from mechanical errors.

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