Task: Data collection and analysis

Topics of the Individual Coursework 2

Required tasks:

  1. Choose a research question that is related to your dissertation proposal.
  2. Discuss two alternative econometric models to address the research question. The models should be chosen from papers published in top journal (ABS ranked 3 and above).
  3. Make a list of variables that you will use for the models (dependent, independent and control variables).
  4. Collect the data from relevant database and analyze the data by any ONE of the models (above-mentioned Task 2) you have chosen.
  5. Write a brief discussion about the results.

This report should be written within 1000 words describing the research question, data sources, and econometric method.

Format of your report

Mention the research question:  A few sentences to summarize the research question and motivation.

Variable description:  Write down the definition of the variables, data source and a report a summary statistics for the chosen variables?

Econometric model:  Comment on the two econometric models and why are they relevant to your study? Also mention, which are the papers you are following for these models?

Data Analysis: Report only ONE table of regression results and describe the results from regression.

Conclusion: Summarize the conclusion. Is there any limitation that you faced?

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