1. How does the speech “The March of the Flag” justify American intervention in other countries?
  2. According to the article in The Arena, what is the “Giant issue of 1900”? What does it say about our involvement in other governments?
  3. What does Huey Long mean by “Every Man a King?”
  4. Why does Woodrow Wilson decide to go to war?
  5. What is the problem with the League of Nations?
  6. What was the justification given for America’s use of the Atomic Bomb?
  7. What do you think about its use and the reasons given for it?
  8. What is the United States doing in Vietnam?
  9. Why do we stay in Vietnam for so long?
  10. What does Martin Luther King Jr. want?
  11. What does Malcolm X want?
  12. According to Betty Friedan, what is “the problem with no name”?
  13. According to Schafley, what is the “fraud of the equal rights amendment”?

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