1. Full Title of Project
  2. Justification of the research & Review of Literature (1500 words approx.)
  • Explain the rationale for carrying out this project.
  • You must include a literature review to support the research
  1. Aims and Research Question
  • Outline the aim(s) of the study and the research question(s) under investigation.
  • If appropriate, outline the study hypotheses
  1. Methodological design and other methodological features of your study
  • Ensure this covers both methodology and methods
  • Explain and justify your chosen methodology, design, and data collection methods.
  1. Participants & Sampling / Sources (Secondary Data)
  • Who will take part in your study? What will the inclusion / exclusion criteria be?
  • How you will sample these participants?
  • What sample size will you aim for and why?
  1. Materials/Equipment
  • If appropriate to your research please include the materials that you will be using
  • g. Questionnaire, interview guide, etc.
  • Include equipment if study uses an experimental design
  1. Procedure
  • Describe the procedure that will be undertaken in the study.
  • How will participants be recruited?
  • Once recruited, what will participants have to do and how long it will take?
  • Provide enough information to ensure that study can be
  1. Ethical implications
  • Identify any ethical considerations related to the study
  • If collecting any personal data or working with <18’ this must be made clear and discussed
  • Note N/A is not an acceptable answer
  1. Data Analysis methods
  • Explain how you will analyse your data once collected
  • Provide more detail than simply ‘qualitatively’ or ‘quantitatively’
  1. References
  • List all references cited using Harvard Method
  1. Proposed Supervisor
  • Indicate up to three supervisors who you think could supervise your project.
  • Please provide the reasoning for your choice
  • We try and match students to their first preference but this is not guaranteed

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