Morgan (2006) states that “Organizations that are designed and operated as if they were machines, are now usually called bureaucracies. But most organizations are bureaucratized in some degree, for the mechanistic mode of thought has shaped our most basic conceptions of what organization is all about” (p. 13).

Submit a 3–5 page analysis (not including cover page, table of contents, and references page), typed and double-spaced, where you:
1.Analyze the overall functional structure of a traditional organization (including its business strategy) utilizing the machine metaphor. This analysis may be from recent literature or gathered from an actual organization.
2.Evaluate the organization’s functions (marketing, operations, finance, and so on) and its values and principles from a mechanistic frame.
3.Analyze the strengths and shortcomings of the machine metaphor as it relates to your selected organization.
4.Where appropriate, examine functional differences influencing global boundaries.

Refer to The Organization as a Machine Scoring Guide to learn how this assignment will be evaluated. Examine the assignment objectives and requirements and the grading criteria in the scoring guide table. Note that one of the criteria on which your assignment will be evaluated is the effectiveness of your written communication.

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