Question given to my peers below.

Based on your implementation plan. Outline what your immediate next steps will be to move forward with your concept or idea. Be sure to include the timing of the actions you will take.

For top essay writer – In response to my peers post below, make specific and actionable recommendations related to their actions and timing of these actions. Sources must be APA cited. Also, please separate my peers post using their names as the heading


Thomas post below

This term has been bitter sweet especially with these last two weeks. However, my business project seems more relevant than ever before. Medical teams are experiencing higher workloads around the world which is adding to the already strained healthcare system. With Medtronic’s ability to produce devices that could help potentially lower this strain in the short and long term scenarios, they must consider this new cardiac device as an option to stay competitive will providing solutions to the issue(s) at hand. I would advise the company to focus on their respiratory devices at the moment to help alleviate the need for this vital equipment while pursuing this cardiac device project once the current situation has stabilized. The company’s timeline could be put back by a year at most with their workforce focusing more on COVID-19 than on expanding on cardiac technology. With that being said, the company could still complete their FDA applications and proper paperwork needed to gain approval for research and development. The administrative portion of this project will still be able to be completed and allow Medtronic a smooth transition from one project to the next. This medical crisis has helped to illuminate the importance of the healthcare field to millions of people who may not have been as informed before. Companies, like Medtronic, must step up to the plate and assist the care teams treating patients so that the system as a whole is able to operate as efficiently as possible. Thank you all for your time this term!

Brian Post Below

I decided to expand on Uber’s existing operational platform by creating an online grocery delivery service named Uber-Mark. The service connects drivers and shoppers by using Uber’s main operational platform to facilitate these connections. Throughout this semester, I have noticed a profound societal opportunity. In 2018, a study demonstrated that up to 70% of Americans will buy groceries in the next six years (Seidenberg, 2018). This statistic was pre-coronavirus.

While the Coronavirus has taken the world by storm, I feel that this service can provide an invaluable economic and health-conscious contribution to society. For example, numerous employees have been terminated or unpaid in response to this virus. Uber-Mark presents a unique opportunity to provide supplemental income while also increasing social distancing between people. These drivers may indeed be exposed to the potential virus; however, the effect is less profound than thousands of individuals flocking to grocery stores.

I am going to take a bold approach to this business development plan by sending my plan and PowerPoint directly to Uber. I plan to send this business plan immediately to expedite the implementation and capitalize on timing. I recognize that this is a lofty goal; however, I feel that this presents a unique opportunity for Uber and myself. I don’t expect a response from Uber, but I feel that this opportunity is sufficient enough to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus while helping the public. I wish everyone the best in their future academic and professional endeavors.


Seidenberg, C. (2018, September 18). Unable to get to the grocery store? Here’s what you need to know about online shopping and delivery services. Retrieved June 16, 2019, from

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