You are a nurse who frequently cares for postsurgical patients in your hospital unit. Most of the medical-surgical patients have IV fluids infusing during their admission. Due to the frequent use of IV fluids on your floor, understanding fluid balance and electrolyte function is primary to your nursing practice.
1. What conditions might lead to the development of hypovolemia?
2. How would the amount of patient fluid loss be determined?
3. Describe how hypovolemia and third-space fluid shift correlate.
4. Outline the major difference between hypovolemia and third-space fluid shift.
5. Which conditions can result in third-space fluid shifts?

USE REFERENCE: Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care by Carol Taylor, Pamela Lynn, Jennifer L. Bartlett

The question response is thorough and fully addressed. Student provided details or examples.

Response provides fully thought, analysis, and is supported with literature reference in APA format.

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