luBNU-Inquiry Based Learning

Project Report Plan (CW1)


CW1 Learning Outcomes Tasks Breakdown of project report:











LO1: Collect, select and use information from a range of sources using different methods, appropriate to the academic discipline and context.




LO2: Investigate the needs, problems and opportunities of a given situation.


LO3: Plan and Undertake a project to address a subject-related problem or answer a subject-related question


Inquiry-Based Project on a topic related to your SUBJECT AREA’ & produce:


A. Project Report

B. Reflection


Conducting & Reporting on a piece of Academic or Professional-Related Research.


Write in:

·         Third person

·         Passive voice













Choose one of the following Essay Titles

In Groups of 3/4:



  1. What is ‘Race’ & what is ‘Ethnicity’? What significance do these concepts have in contemporary societies?



  1. Discuss the extent to which we live in a Globalized World






  1. Social Theory helps us to Make Sense of Society’. Discuss:




  1. Explain and Discuss Social Factors that affect family life in the UK today.
(1500 Words)

1. Title page (Report Title, Your Name, ID, Date, & Module title/code

2. Acknowledgments

3. Contents Page– (Section Headings and page numbers)

4. Abstract (Summary)- (Overview of report).

5. Introduction (Purpose of report, why you writing report? Aims & Objectives.  Brief details of methods/ procedures used investigation)

*Decide on Headings & Subheadings

Ask yourself ….What is Report about? Why am I writing?

Outline of report structure, I.e. “The report will look firstly at x then y”… (Keep this section brief about one paragraph).

6.Main body/Findings:  MethodsResults (Figures/Tables/Charts)

5. Discussion: ProblemsStrengthsComparisons

7. Conclusion –Summarize & Evaluate your findings


B. REFLECTION (500 Words)

    Reflect on your work ABOVE …How you found it? Challenges, Behavior and Experience etc.

8. References (Use the Harvard Referencing)

  1A– Social History of Race in UK & America

  1B-  Relationship between Ethnicity & Race and its impact on crime and social class in UK & America

  1C- Relationship between Race, Ethnicity and Health &   well being in UK & America.

2A- How does Globalization affect the financing of the UK’s health system?

 2B– How does Globalization affect the Human Resource personnel of the UK’s health system?

 2C- How does Globalization affect the technology of the UK’s health system?

Using Sociological Imagination, discuss Crime & Punishment through any one of the following 3 Sociologists.

3A– Emile Durkheim;

3B– Max Weber;

3C– Erving Goffman

4A– Do Social & Global Factors influence family life, how?

4B– How does family Structure shape personality & Behavior?

4C– What is the impact of family Breakdown on Well being?

  LO4: Communicate effectively, with well-structured verbal and written reports, as demanded in academic and professional domains.  


5.     “The UK’s ageing population is responsible for unsustainable costs in Health & Social care.” Discuss



6. Health Inequalities are a major concern in the UK.


5A- The UK population is aging rapidly – discuss.

5B–  The cost of the UK’s ageing population is unsustainable – discuss.

5C–  The impact of the UK’s aging population on society is positive – discuss.

6A- What health inequalities exist in the UK?

6B- Discuss Child Health Inequalities in the UK?

6C– Discuss Gender Health Inequalities in the UK?



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