Write a 3000 word assignment which critically examines the wider context of care management for a patient with complex circumstances.Examine selected key pathological and/or psychological processes and critically debate these in relation to complex care.
• Justify and critically evaluate nursing assessment and care strategies for individuals with a range of complex circumstances.
• Analyze the clinical course of specific conditions and justify the nursing interventions required to meet the holistic needs of individuals with complex needs.
• Evaluate clinical decision making that informs care and service delivery for individuals and communities in a multi-agency arena.Additional Guidelines
Any information that might identify a peer, client/patient, and mentor/trainer workplace or organization must be omitted from the assignment. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of confidentiality. Focus on one person to critically examine their complex circumstance/s
• Consider the underlying clinical condition and why this may be complex for this patient – is it a rare or specialist condition, is it the interaction with other circumstances that may include pathophysiological, clinical, social, psychological ethical, professional, legal, Health policy.
• You need to support your points with rationales explaining your reasoningAnalyse the clinical course of specific condition/s and justify the nursing interventions required to meet the needs of an individual with complex needs.
Assignment Guidelines:• What specific assessment and nursing care is required particularly focusing on the complex nature of the assessment and care.
• Is the prognosis or progress of the clinical condition something that will affect how care is delivered?
• You need to remember it is nursing assessment and care – not medical. It may be that liaison with other professionals is required or that a team approach is required for care delivery Consider the wider context of care management for a patient with complex circumstances• Are specific resources or funding required that make care complex – what factors influence how care is managed.
• Are families or carers involved that necessitate consideration in delivery of care?Question how nurses would lead clinical decision making in the context of multi-agency arena, caring for a patient with complex circumstance’s• What is the nurses’ role in caring for your patient, what specific nursing decisions need to be made and how does this factor into the overall care provided for your patient.

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