The Assignment Task

You are to produce a correctly-referenced essay (using the Harvard referencing system) on the topic below.

“The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits” (Friedman, 1970). Critically discuss this statement using contrasting theories and an extended example that illustrates Socially Responsible behavior.

Word Limits

The maximum word limit for this assignment is 1800 words.

LO 1 – Articulating the theoretical underpinning i.e. academic articles and other sources of theory (e.g., Friedman v Freeman, TBL, Stakeholder theory etc) exploring the topic.

= Satisfactory application of relevant theories, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the key arguments for and against Business Social Responsibility

LO 2 – Uses an extended example to evaluate an organisation’s Social Responsibility and/or Sustainability Strategy at the operational level.

= Application of extended example to evaluate an organisation’s Social Responsibility is satisfactory

LO- 3 Draws sensible conclusions from your arguments which answer the question  (i.e., illustrating socially responsible behaviour

= Draws sensible conclusions which answers the question in a satisfactory manner.

LO 4- Academic Quality (Referencing and thought expression)

= Satisfactory command of academic / professional conventions appropriate to the discipline.

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