Written assignment

The submission should indicate clear understanding, analysis and discussion of these key underpinning concepts of legal, professional and ethical concepts related to both independent and supplementary prescribing. There should also be an appendix of 3-5 medications that you are likely to prescribe in practice.. The case study assignment should (at a minimum) demonstrate: ● Organization, planning and focus on the topic ● Adequate knowledge of subject area and sufficient understanding of concepts ● Some key issues that are identified and developed sufficiently ● Evidence of reading with some application of literature ● Sufficient evidence of learning through reflection on professional practice ● Adequate referencing technique throughout and use of acknowledged referencing system ● Sufficient spelling, grammar and punctuation


This assignment will discuss and analyze the professional, legal and ethical concepts of the independent and supplementary prescribing role in the student’s individual clinical area. The following points can be considered and used as guidance in terms of proposed content: ● Brief discussion of your current role and scope of practice now and in relation to the role of prescribing ● Legal Responsibilities ○ What are your legal responsibilities? ○ Discuss the differences in criminal and civil law and how this is related to prescribing ○ Utilize relevant legislation and case law to demonstrate your understanding of these responsibilities ● Professional Issues ○ What is accountability? Who are you accountable to? ○ How will your accountability alter as an independent or supplementary prescriber? ○ How is your practice regulated and how will non-medical prescribing impact on your scope of practice? ○ How does your role impact on interprofessional standards and working practices? ● Ethical Concepts ○ Discuss how the four key principles; autonomy, justice, beneficence, and nonmaleficence relate to your practice and non-medical prescribing ○ Considerations also can be given for cost-effective prescribing, shared decision making and consent ● There should be clear identification and discussion of both Independent and Supplementary prescribing

3-5 medications that you are likely to prescribe in practice on successful completion of the module should be included. Information required for each drug includes: ● Drug name(s) ● Indications ● Doses ● Caution/Contraindications ● Side Effects ● Interaction with other potential medications ● Patient Advice ● Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamics of the drug.

need to make sure that you keep the focus of your assignment on the legal professional and ethical considerations,

you should aim to write in a passive voice- you should avoid using terms such as I (it is stipulated on the brief that you should write in a passive voice) doing this can reduce the amount of description in your work.

there should be a discussion of your role(community psychiatric nurse)- currently and how this may change with the addition of a prescribing qualification 

in the background to nurse prescribing section this only needs to be very brief, keep the focus on your role and then the legal ethical and professional issues 

you need to consider accountability, how is your practice regulated, how will prescribing impact on your scope of practice etc

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