Critical Period
Define the term critical period during pregnancy. How does malnutrition during this time adversely influence fetal outcomes and the newborns health?

Weight Gain during Pregnancy
What is the recommended pattern of weight gain during pregnancy for a women at a healthy weight? For an underweight or teenage woman? For an overweight woman? Discuss complications associated with infants born to both overweight and underweight mothers.

Nutrient Needs During Pregnancy and Lactation
Compare how nutrient needs change for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactating women. Highlight at least 5 specific nutrients and discuss why they have higher or lower requirements at these times.

Introducing Solid Foods
Explain when and how solid foods should be introduced to infants.



Discuss the nutritional issues that affect adolescents, including disordered eating.



Describe sarcopenia. What are the risk factors associated with sarcopenia and how would you advise a client to minimize it’s progression?


Health Advice for An Older Adult

Consider the following case study: an woman 83 years old, mildly obese, mildly depressed, inactive, disinterested in life, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and prediabetes. What health, activity, and nutrition changes would you recommend for her?

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