Benefits of biophilic design in mental and physical health

The question that requires an answer here is:

Does Biophilic design improve physical and mental health in those who experience ‘life’ in such kind of structural design?

Aims and Objectives:

  • Demonstrate elevated knowledge of biophilic design.
  • Contrast persectives between biophilic design and ‘mainstream’ design alternatives
  • Demonstrate the adverse effects of current urbanisation planning as inadequate and counterproductive towards the achievement of a wellbeing society.
  • How the urban environment can be improved to aid mental and physical health through biophilic design.
    • Evidence based is also required here.



The position to be backed up is:  YES. Biophilic design do improve the mental and physical health. Our modern societies are facing novel illnesses arisen as consequence of a frenetic cemented lifestyle. We have lost the connection to our origins: Nature. The principles of biophilic design will not only help but are very much needed by communities and urbanised countries to recover such connection.

The potential effects of biophilic designs is what is required to be proven with this final year hesitation.

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