No more than 1,500 words (essay)
1. Define ‘Health’ – at least 3 of the following concepts should be referred to in your answer: Personal / Lay / Medical / Social / Complementary Therapy / Professional.

Explain what the ‘Principles of Health’ are.

(Suggested no more than 300 words, excluding references)
2. Explain the influence of different health concepts, linking to a current theory. You should be able to critique 2 of the health concepts within your explanation (Concepts of health: medical/Western Scientific, holistic, health-illness continuum, World Health Organisation)

Explain the dimensions of health, linking to a current theories. In your answer you should also highlight inequalities in health.

How do current Government guidelines and changing perspectives on health impact on the health and needs of individuals.

Describe current government guidelines that would be expected to influence an individual’s health. You should describe at least 2 of the guidelines including any legislation that is related.

How can current models of practice be used in health promotion? You should briefly outline at least 2 of the main models/approaches and how they can be used.

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