For this project, please answer questions 4-6 below. This project is part of a bigger project. Attached titled “Macbook Pro” is the first half that answers 1-3. Please match and stick to the topic. Please use the attached booklet chapters 1-15 as the primary reference, if only reference.
The object am using for the project is the MacBook Pro

Semester Project

The purpose of this assignment is to have you connect the different parts of the course. In addition, now that you have an understanding of consumer involvement as discussed in this module, the time is appropriate to begin your semester project. The assignment is an approximately eight- to ten-page paper. It begins with identification of a product or service with which you have a high level of involvement and ends with you discussing the value of the project to learning.
4. What Influences Attachment – Describe the (a) internal and (b) external factors that influences your liking of the item or set of items you selected. When discussing internal influences you can discuss such issues as motivations and underlying needs, individual values and beliefs, experience, learning, knowledge, attitudes, and perception. When discussing external factors you can discuss such things as culture, trends, economic and social influences, household and family influences, reference group or interpersonal influence, market influences, etc.
5. Implications for Marketing – Now briefly describe how what you have discovered about yourself could be used by marketing analysts and strategists to influence your behavior. Some issues you could discuss would be types of research methods to get into customers heads, how consumers like you evaluate satisfaction, and strategic decisions including segmentation, targeting, positioning, and the marketing mix.
6. Value of Project to Learning – Demonstrate reflection on the course, its goals and objectives and how this project helped fulfill those.

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