Reading Response 6 Norwegian Wood Chapters 9-10 Directions: Please answer the following questions in complete sentences, and write at minimum 4-5 sentences per question. In order to receive full credit for a question you must answer ALL components of the question. Please type your answers and print them out to bring to class for discussion, and to be collected. 1) In Chapter 9, Midori and Watanabe spend a lot of time together. Describe their relationship at this point in the book. Do you think Midori is best for Watanabe? Explain your reasoning.
2) Describe Naoko’s state of mind in her letters at the end of Chapter 9 and during Watanabe’s visit in chapter 10. How is Naoko’s recovery going? What is she experiencing at night when she goes to sleep?
3) What is Watanabe’s mental state throughout chapter 10? Give an example from the text. Why do you think he is feeling this way?
4) Why does Midori get upset with Watanabe? What does she say in her letter to him? Do you think it was fair that Midori was so upset with him? Explain your reasoning. What does Watanabe later realize about his feelings for Midori?

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