• First, describe the dimensions of your personalized professional philosophy of Nursing. Identify at least (3) three characteristics of each philosophy. Cite at least (2) two references, other than the course textbooks, to support your professional philosophy. Write (2 to 3) two to three substantive paragraphs for this section of the assignment.
  • Secondly, using a minimum of (2) two National League for Nursing competencies that you select from any of the (8) eight categories, explain how you would integrate your personal and professional philosophy in your role as a nurse educator, whether in academia or a healthcare service setting. Describe how your personal and professional philosophies complement each other. How do they come together in your practice as a nurse educator? You may use Billings and Halstead (2016) to reference the NLN competencies. Write a minimum of (2) two substantive paragraphs for this section of the assignment.
  • Write with quality versus quantity in mind.


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