Go back to the video and identify who in this family you want to be your client.
Identify the client’s challenges and or presenting problems, as they are presented in this episode.
Describe “your client” from what you see and hear in the video, using a biopsychosocial framework…age, gender, race, family composition, etc.
Use your understanding of both ego psychology (include ego functioning– strengths and areas that need strengthening), the life model, and the strengths perspective to give a beginning assessment. Support your assessment from your texts, and other readings (citations) Discuss how you will start the first interview with this client anc what you believe the focus of the work could be, based on the issues “your client presents in this first episode.
Refer back to the video and to the assignment as often as you need to, to assist you in your understanding of the
issues for “your client” and your understanding of the assignment.

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