Follow the instructions EXACTLY!!!! Must use the book as one of the references. NO cover page or abstract.

There are two Parts. Answer them separately and label them Part I and Part II

My Career Information:
Age: 12-15 (Summers) Snack Bar at a pool (where I served hamburgers and hot dogs and ice cream, chips, etc.)
Age: 16 – (After School) File Clerk at copper selling office
Age: 16-18 (Summers) Life Guard

INFORMATION ABOUT ME: I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue (counselor) until I was in my 40s.
One of the law clerks that worked in our office at the courthouse with our Judge helped me decide to go to college in my 40s which lead my on the path to wanting to be a counselor.

Part I: Describe your own career development from childhood through early adolescence using Super’s, Gottfredson’s, and other relevant theories. When did you know what you wanted to pursue? Who influenced you? What major turning points can you remember? Make sure you address role salience, work salience, and vocational self concept.

Part II: This week’s readings have a developmental theme including the ways in which Super applies his theory to adult development and choices, theories of transition, and – to use Gottfredson’s concepts – circumscription and compromise. In what way do people’s values, social expectations. stereotypes, and discrimination contribute to people’s career choices and development? What can – and do – school counselors do to assure that all children have an opportunity to develop their talents and skills? How can career counselors support adults in transition?

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