Some factors that you should consider when preparing your poster are given below.


  • Does the title suitably reflect the proposed research?

Introduction, Aims and Objectives:

  • Is rationale clear, concise?
  • Is there suitable justification for the relevance of the study, and has sufficient background information been provided?
  • Have you investigated whether similar studies have already been published? (including previous research projects) – if yes, what new elements does this study merit to advance the work of this previous research?
  • Have a few key references for both methods justification and comparison or advancing of current evidence been cited?
  • Has a clear aim or question been identified?
  • Does it link with the project’s title?


  • Is there a clear description of the research design? e.g. using a flow diagram
  • Is it clear whether the study is a validation or an intervention study or elements of both?
  • How many participants have been proposed? and why?
  • Is the sample size appropriate and, where applicable, justified (e.g. aware of concept of statistical power?)

General participant issues

  • What will be the method(s) for identifying and recruiting potential participants?
  • From where, when and what type (age, gender, group) will the participants be recruited?
  • What selection or recruitment strategies will be employed?
  • If different groups (e.g. control or intervention or compared condition) are required.
  • How will they be allocated to those groups? e.g. randomisation; or pre-selected (e.g. gender, age, screened or assessed/tested Specific needs and considerations for the well-being and including of participants
  • Any potential benefits and risks of participation?
  • Is there clear justification for their inclusion and exclusion criteria?

Ethics and Confidentiality

  • Is there consideration of the potential ethical issues related to participation in the study?
  • How will informed consent will be obtained?
  • Is there sufficient consideration of issues regarding confidentiality: participant integrity; privacy and protection of data?
  • Is there sufficient indication of any special measures to be taken to safeguard the interests of any identified vulnerable groups?

Analysis and production of results and outputs

  • Is there consideration of the methodology for data analysis?
  • Will tests of differences or correlations/relationship measures be applied?
  • Is there consideration of which statistics (e.g. t-Test, ANOVA, post-hoc, correlation coefficient, agreement etc.), will be required to do this?
  • Feasibility – is the study feasible?
  • Has access and use of the data collection tools, equipment, facilities been considered?
  • Has the type of personnel needing to support the study been considered?
  • Have the costs of equipment and resources been considered?
  • Have appropriate time-frames for carrying out the project been considered?


  • What is the relevance to practice?
  • Will the study impact on practice in the future?

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