As a nurse practitioner, you will be confronted by many patients and families who will request treatment for numerous conditions, including requesting antibiotics for viral illnesses or antiparasitics for diarrhea.

Conclude the importance of providing an appropriate treatment plan based on the correct diagnosis.
Decide what would be the potential impact of prescribing a drug to treat the wrong class of infection.
Please keep in mind the following when composing your response:

Analyze the relationship between pharmacological agents and physiologic or pathologic responses.

Differentiate drug classes and their use in the management of patient care.

Differentiate medication prescribing methodologies in regard to regulatory, legal and ethical considerations in alignment with APRN scope of practice.

Evaluate and revise the pharmacological plan of care in response to patient outcomes.

Integrate knowledge of pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics in the care of individuals across the lifespan.

Select patient centered pharmacologic agents in accordance with evidenced based practice guidelines for the management of the illness, injury, or the disease across the lifespan in respect to socio-cultural, socio-economic, ethical and legal considerations.

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