Interdisciplinary Philosophies and Theories

Read the case of “Mrs. Mendez”

As an advanced practice nurse, identify the various knowledge bases that you draw upon from the physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and social sciences in the care of Mrs. Mendez and her family.

For example, Which science bases tells you about how cancer develops; which science bases tells you about pain and pain management; which science bases tell you about grief and loss or emotional states; which science bases help you understand the importance of spiritual assessment and care; which science bases help you to assess and intervene with the family both as individuals at their own developmental age and the family as a system; which sciences bases help you understand the cultural perspectives?

1: Make a list of key concepts relevant to the case study.

2: Identify from the middle range theories presented in your textbooks, one interprofessional or middle range theories associated with your concepts of interest, and give a rationale for its selection.

3: Discuss how the selected theory guides both your clinical assessments and interventions for Mrs. Mendez or her family.

4: Explain how knowledge from interprofessional health-related sciences informs advanced nursing practice.

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