Topic: Discuss reasons for applying to the Accelerated BSN program at the University of Miami and how it fits into personal, educational, and professional goals.

Information about the school:


The School of Nursing and Health Studies is dedicated to transforming lives and health care through education, research, innovation, and service across the hemisphere.


Dean Munro has issued a challenge to all SONHS students, faculty and staff.  Don’t just dream – Do.  The challenge, represented by a three-letter acronym, NOW, is as simple as the words it represents and as complex as the limitless imagination and opportunities they inspire.

Be Novel – Don’t just follow the path of those who came before, blaze a new one. Do the things that no one has ever seen or known before.  Take yourself and SONHS to new heights that have never been dreamt of.

Be Optimistic – Making the world a better place begins with believing the world can be a better place.  From educational pursuits, to community outreach, to exploring new frontiers in research, the SONHS family believes that goodness and success can pervade our reality.

Be World-Changing – Change begins with people willing to make that change.  The School of Nursing and Health Studies is dedicated to enabling every member of our family and community to make their change a reality through scholarship, diversity and inclusivity, and a commitment to responsible and ethical leadership.  Together the SONHS family can change the world.

I grew up in a small town in India where hospitals were not easily accessible. This was an obstacle for my family as I used to get sick often and had to be taken to the hospital frequently. Luckily, my mother was a nurse and knew exactly what to do each time I fell ill. When I get a common cold or other respiratory infections it would often trigger my asthma requiring me to get a nebulizer treatment. I vividly recall my mother carrying me and walking us to the hospital, which was miles away, in the middle of the night because I had a hard time breathing. It is from her that I learned the value of compassion and care. I have spent a lot of my time, ill or not, in the hospital setting while waiting for my mother to get off work or participating in their festivities, which is common in India. This is where my curiosity towards medicine bloomed. As I walked the corridors of the hospital with patients lying in bed, lying on the floor, I began to get to know them day by day. Seeing them recover over time generated a curiosity in me on how patients recovered from their illnesses.

While exploring my interests in college and deciding what I wanted to do in the healthcare field, I began working as a scribe. Soon after I began working, the job became a necessity rather than an interest causing me to fall behind in school. I have worked with physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners throughout my four years of scribing in the emergency room. One particular healthcare provider, a nurse practitioner was keen on teaching and would often ask me questions about cases. Although I was initially intimidated to work with him, I soon began to notice how much I was learning about interpreting electrocardiograms, knowing the signs of a heart attack, and stroke to the type of medications that should be administered for rate control in patients with atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular rhythm. He began providing me with resources regarding the nursing field and I found myself becoming excited to learn more.

My mother credits her nursing education to her excellent teachers and tutors who taught her in such a way that didn’t require her to memorize but truly understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body as a basis for her nursing education. I do not want to simply attend a nursing program and obtain a degree, I want to attend a school that will prepare me to care for patients while allowing me to do it with the utmost confidence and pride in the care that I will be providing. I always find myself having rewarding experiences when I step out of my comfort zone. I know that positivity can arise from even negative circumstances. I want to see what I can do to make the nursing profession less stressful and increase job satisfaction by conducting research. For all of these reasons, I can relate to the school of nursing’s mission to be novel, optimistic and world-changing. I strongly believe with it’s clinical practice labs, stimulation academy, and access to advanced technology,  Schwartz Center for Nursing and Health Studies will provide me with the quality education that I need to succeed beyond a degree in the nursing field.

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